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The Saga Saga - part 2


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Tired and stressed, but still wearing this :) we already felt as though we had done a full days work when we arrived at Fukuoka. The people we were performing for, formed a group called LABO. They are a voluntary group who run English classes and workshops to help kids learn. It was their 10 year anniversary, and Nitta san invited us to watch a group of 30 children perform as part of this celebration, before we performed our own show for them. This was a lot of fun, they performed Peter Pan half in Japanese and half in English, and this is where the very VERY cute Japanese issues between the letters R and L became noticable and adorable ("the pran was in prace" instead of "the plan was in place" etc).


They then gave some very loud and enthusiastic renditions of "i'm a little tea pot' and before we knew it, it was our turn to do a show for them. A wave of tiredness hit again, but the faces remained plastered with a smile :)

The next few hours were mental. After the show, we retired to the dressing room, to regroup, relax with a coffee, and talk about how it went. But suddenly, we were ushered back on stage to perform a song and dance with the children. What song? Which dance? Who knew? I certainly didn't. It was a very surreal moment being on that stage with 30 kids, singing a song i'd never heard, doing a dance i'd never seen, in front of a whole city full of people, video recorders and cameras in hand, the press taking photos....Just looking at my colleagues and seeing this partly horrified, partly amused, partly exhausted but still exceptionally smiley look on their faces was ridiculously funny.

Immediately after this was 'question time', which was more like 'young boys punching you, young girls wanting to sing to you, and nobody wanting to speak English and ask questions time'. Of course, we smiled, we laughed, we thoroughly enjoyed Peter Pan hanging around our neck and Wendy spinning us around in a circle to make us dizzy. My god that was fun. But alas, it was time to go! But...where to?

Host families!


We were taken to a party with around 15 of the children and a hand full of adults, and here I was seated next to none other than Peter Pan, a boy who had terrible problems controlling the volume of his voice. Everything he said was either directed at someone in another room, or sometimes seemed to be directed at someone dwelling in another solar system - it required a great deal of projection which was all happening extremely close to my smiling face :)

We all played tag, we all played with fire works, we all ate sushi, sashimi, we all talked about the show and England and Japan and suddenly it was 1am and we were all trying not to behave as drunk and exhausted as we really were. We were guided to our individual host families houses, and when I got to mine, I stayed up for another hour speaking in a slurred voice to the mother, about Cambridge, or... something...

P1010847.jpg P1010855.jpg

I slept for maybe 4 hours...then... :) :) Morning! Time to get up and make converstaion! :) the family were lovely, and i wanted so much to be fully awake and able to converse in a light and breezy manner...but my god, i must have looked a state, because i felt *awful* and my mind wasn't following any logical proceedure in thinking of something to say, putting the words into order, and saying them.

When we all crammed into the car at 9am, ready for our 4 hour journey to Saga, we were tired, emotionally exhausted, hungover and all of us had developed new creases in our faces from the absurd amount of smiling we had to do over the past 48 hours. We were looking forward to getting to Saga early, because then we could check into our hotel, and SLEEP! We would have a window of at least 5 hours where we could snooze and not even think of the show, children, or anything work related.....

......or so we thought...

...to be continued....

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