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storm 25 °C

I am writing this blog from a place called Matsumoto, the second stop on our 2 month tour. It's a town in the Nagano prefecture, on the west coast of Japan. When we arrived, we visited Matsumoto Jo, the castle inside the town. It was amazing; made entirely of wood in the most beautiful setting. We had a tour by an old Japanese lady who told us all the stories of the old Shoguns who lived there, and the Warlords and Samurai’s who defended it; it felt unreal, magical almost.


After the trip to the castle it was getting late, so we went out for some quiet drinks. This ended up being quite raucous as a Japanese family came running over to our table when they realised we were English-they wanted to know all about us and also wanted to translate the whole menu for us! Which was very sweet, very funny, and extremely lucky.... as i was about to order the 'meibutsu', the local speciality...which turned out to be raw horse meat...


The following day I went for my first ever Japanese massage, which turned out to be surprisingly intimate...I worried something had been lost in translation and I was headed for a prostate massage at one point (especially when she hopped onto the bed with me), but it turned out to be quite good as she wrenched my body around, clicking bones back into place, pulling and stretching everything, I feel quite for it now!

Last night we had an evening of karaoke, which was a surreal but wonderful experience! We rented out a small booth and sang to each other, changing the key of the song to suit our voices, doing duets, dancing on the table...it was really great.

Today we had an evening show of Weasel which went really well, and tomorrow we plan to head to Nagano city, to visit a large Buddhist temple called Zenko-Ji, apparently its quite a famous pilgrimage site. After that we will drive back to Tokyo for a few more days. I am quite glad to be leaving now to be honest, a typhoon has hit this area and it is raining everyday. We are constantly hearing of flooding nearby and although its not affecting us too much, i'll be happy to get back to sunny Tokyo :)

One final thing---- the toilets.

You can heat your seat, listen to music, play flushing noises so nobody can hear what you are doing, water jet your front bits, water jet your back bits.... all at the push of a button (also quite surprising when you don’t have pictures showing which buttons do what.) Just another small highlight so far on this adventure!

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